Zamioculcas zamiifolia raven - Magnificent cutting rooted between 20-30 cm - Black leaf cutting plant

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The zz raven is a green (or black in this case) indoor plant, as aesthetic as it is easy to maintain. Its shiny, thick leaves and its erect habit make it an original and decorative plant.

Maintaining the zamioculcas is very simple. The only criterion to respect is that of watering, because the plant does not tolerate excess water (in the last photo you can see the bulbs which also resemble a potato of the plant which reserves water ):
*Let the substrate dry between two waterings (for my part, I leave about a month without watering)
*Do not leave water in the saucer.
*If you wish, you can add a little fertilizer in summer.

It is a plant that grows very quickly.


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