Rare Mammillaria spinosissima a pico cristata - plant with stable genetic mutation, Very beautiful twisted succulent succulent plant

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Mammillaria Spinosissima Un Pico Cristata is a beautiful and rare succulent plant with a very stable genetic mutation (Mammillaria spinosissima un pico is rarer than the normal variety). She is very well known among collectors. If you love succulents, this is a rare stone to discover.

The cuttings are well packaged in the sphagnum moss but it is possible that I will send it in its pot for cultivation.

My advice:
Suitable potting soil is made up of 50% coarse sand, 25% topsoil and 25% bark-free potting soil. It will be necessary to give it a period of rest in winter.

Please note that each plant is different and each shape is different. You will receive a similar plant offered in the ad.

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