Rare Epipremnum Harlequin- RARE Super White Cultivar of Epipremnum Aureum Harlequin

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Rare Epipremnum Harlequin

This may be the first time you have expected this name in the epipremnum family...
It's been a few days since I came across an advert mentioning harlequin pothos and I began to find the literature behind this variety.
Harlequin has very little or no cream or lemon lime or Manjula color.
So think of the Manjula shape and variegated patterns without the lime green to yellow parts, just white and dark green coloring. Super easy to see the difference once you know.

You will receive a beautiful cutting of between 3-4 leaves already rooted in the ground.

Interview: https://monjungle.com/blogs/news/interview-epipremnum-harlequin


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