Oxalis VULCAN PINK Flowering houseplant - Oxalis rare variety with yellow flowers

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Oxalis is a perennial plant that grows throughout the spring/summer. Variety of RED-Pink leaves and yellow flowers: ideal for creating flowery rugs. , easier and more uplifting than normal oxalis. In winter, it enters a vegetative rest then revegetates around March.

The flowering period extends from April to October.

The ideal exposure is in partial shade. In full sun, the leaves and flowers close, like at night, to prevent excessive transpiration.
It is necessary to water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist because it does not tolerate drought well but suffers greatly from water stagnation.
Requires slightly acidic, well-drained soil. The soil must always be slightly damp, so it must be watered regularly but without exceeding or creating stagnation which would cause the bulbs to rot. Fertilize 2-3 times during the vegetative cycle, with a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants mixed with the water used for irrigation.

Oxalis grows quickly, repot it before vegetation resumes in February, in a light substrate composed of potting soil and sand. The bulbs are planted in the same substrate at the end of winter.

I will recommend a pot of approximately 9 cm in diameter.


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