Hoya Mathilde cuttings rooted in soil - Rare home flowered plant cutting - hoya houseplant

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Hoya Mathilde cuttings rooted in soil - Rare homemade flowering plant cutting - hoya houseplant

Very beautiful cuttings of rare houseplant Several growth points Rare Hoya Houseplant.

HOYA Mathilde - a rooted cutting.

This 30 to 60cm climbing plant has small, dark green, wavy leaves and fragrant white flowers with a waxy purple center.
Grow this species in full light. Use a well-draining potting mix made up of equal parts humus and houseplant compost.
For best results, grow in small pots. Give plenty of water except in winter, then allow the soil to dry out almost completely.
Feed monthly in warm weather. Basin the foliage frequently.
Do not remove stems that have produced flowers as they will give them again the following season.
Propagation by cuttings in spring. To promote flowering Grow in small, well-drained terracotta pots. Add a few shards.
Do not prune or move the plant once it is in bud.

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