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Hello to all.
If you followed the stories on Instagram and Facebook, you may know that with the funds from My Jungle I make small donations (donations that come in the margin) against hunger.

My roots are in India in a small village in the North (55 km from New Delhi).

For three months, I have been involved in a very small project where I ask my family in India to either serve meals to homes that need them or provide vaccinations (or treatments) for animals.
Today, thanks to your orders and your support, I am able to serve 25 meals per month (on the 14th day of the lunar calendar). I showed you in a short video and there were many, many of you motivating me with your very, very motivating words. It gives me a lot of strength to work for them and that's why I launched this little project.

I will not ask you to spend additional money, everything will be served within the margin of this order. You just have to buy the product if you like it. You will receive a cutting that you ordered and I will serve the margin to people/animals in need.

Each month I will put 5 cuttings or cuttings of my mother plants (my collection) and 100% margin of this order will go to the help of people/children/animals.

I was lucky to settle down in the right conditions and I feel it is a responsibility to do my part for the part of society that is unlucky. Because of inflation, it becomes even more difficult for them to live even in a simple way.

Don't hesitate to follow me on the stories, I will post the little videos that my mom sends me when she distributes each month.

If you have decided to purchase this item, thank you very much for your support. Thanks to you, someone will eat a hot meal!


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