Syngonium Albo Variegata cuttings with lots of root, Green and white variegated leaves plant, Rare house plants

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Very well rooted cutting (at least three leaves)

Today I present to you a magnificent cutting of SYNGONIUM ALBO VARIEGATA. These leaves are really really beautiful with the variegated leaves 😍 😍 The mother plant has leaves up to 25cm...
A real pleasure for the eyes to have this rare syngonium.

The package will be carefully packaged against cold and heat.
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My advice for this cutting:
Terracotta pot with an aerated substrate. Do not let the substrate dry out between two waterings.

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Parcel packaging:

*The cuttings are packaged bare root, well protected in sphagnum moss (to retain humidity during their journey). Depending on the type of cuttings (e.g. succulents), sometimes I put dried sphagnum moss or pack them into the pot.
*All cuttings sold in the store are rooted in soil and substrate (unless indicated in the advertisement).
* The cuttings are then wrapped in kraft paper (approximately 90 gm thick) and they are slipped into strong and rigid boxes. Depending on the type of plant, I also add two layers of kraft paper and secure the package continents with paper. I limit the use of plastic as much as I can.

The Heat Pack:

*The heat pack is a heater that is very useful for transporting cuttings during the winter. It helps the cuttings retain some warmth during periods of frost.
*Heat packs should simply be thrown away after use. We do not mix them in our substrates etc.
*We order them when the night (or morning) temperature drops by minus 10 degrees.
*The heat pack is sold separately and the direct link is here:

After receiving the package:

*You have your cuttings now. What to do?
Cuttings received in packages are sometimes hungry and tired, which is very normal after a trip. Before taking them directly, we take a small glass with it (¼ part of water) and we put the sphagnum moss received and the cutting in it for about 3 or 4 hours (we do not pass the cutting directly in water because the roots are used to substrate and bacteria in the substrate in combination with water can cause rot. If you ever want to hydro the cuttings, you must wash the roots well with lukewarm water (several times).

The pot:

We always use the correct size pots.
The risk of root rot is very high when a cutting is in a pot that is too large because the quantity of substrate and water is very important for the roots.
Large pot = Lots of substrate = Lots of water = Too much time to dry and the roots are bathed in water.
So it is important to put the correct pot diameter.

2. Material
We often talk about potting material, we use a terracotta or plastic pot (with a pot cover) etc.
Terracotta pots are generally ideal for plants. They help drain excess water from the entire pot surface and they also help the roots dry out a little quickly before the next watering. BUT in certain species of plants (like calathea/Maranta etc) the roots do not like periods of drought (even the shortest) and here we adopt plastic pots which are very useful in retaining humidity.

We always choose pots with a pierced bottom (whatever the pot, ceramic, plastic or even terracotta).

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will be happy to answer you.

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