Pothos Pearls and Jade cutting - Very beautiful variegated 5 leaf cutting - Rare Pothos

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Pothos Pearls & Jade - Beautiful cutting 5 leaves

Many of you already know that the leaves of the pearl & jade have a very distinctive green plume on the white parts but that's not just it!!!
Pothos N'joy can also have variegated leaf BUT to know the difference you really need to know THE DIFFERENCE.
Pothos n'joy, many times have spotted leaves, but the leaves are generally:
* Just one in number (per cutting)
* * Located at the bottom of the cutting (rooted or not).
Whereas with Perles and Jade, the plumes are present on (almost) each leaf. It could be less persistent or quite persistent.
And there you have it... A simple difference that you can see when you get a cutting in store or online BECAUSE N'JOY CAN have a green plume too!
😍 Bonus fun fact: N'joy was created by the same person who created Pothos Manjula (Dr. Ashish Hansoti). Thanks to him for these beautiful plants.

The package will be packaged with care, do not hesitate to ask me if you have any other questions.


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