Leopard Spot Squill cuttings - Cuttings of Scilla violacea, small bulbous perennial, caudex with tinted leaves

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This is a succulent cousin of lilies.

It is made up of small bulbs which multiply quickly and give rise to pretty lanceolate leaves.

These bulbs, conical, about ten centimeters high, are purplish brown and covered with a tunic protecting them from drought.
The leaves are gray-green with silver reflections and dark green spots, their back is purple, they can reach a good fifteen centimeters.
Cluster of small, bell-shaped, purplish-pink flowers on a small red stem in spring and summer.

**Rapid growth. It forms clusters of small bulbs which can be separated.

Exposure - Sunny.

**Watering- Water twice a month from March to September, and leave the soil dry during fall and winter.

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